Filter Service Experts

Let the filter service experts clean your diesel particulate filters (DPFs). Golden State uses state-of-the-art technology to test, clean and certify your filters. We have cleaned over 20,000 DPFs since they became available in 2005. Golden State offers DPF testing, cleaning and certification. Can be picked up locally, shipped in, or dropped off.

Clean your diesel particulate filters regularly to keep your equipment operating at this maximum efficiency. Fast turn-around, reliable performance, and cost effective; the only way we know how!

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  • Reset of ash cleaning meter on MCM and ACM
  • CalibrateMCM and ACM to serial number of DPF
  • Get your filters cleaned by the manufacturer of the world’s most advanced cleaning system – specified by OEMs
  • DPF DPD Filter cleaning
  • Take advantage of our leading cleaning expertise – from the same team that trains the industry
  • Fast – Efficient – Cost effective service
  • Ship via UPS or common carrier
  • Pick-up and Delivery available
  • We can accommodate fleet service needs to individual needs
  • Recover hard to clean filters
  • Testing of catalytic performance
  • Repair minor defects
  • Full documentation of filter performance – before, during, and after cleaning

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